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We love Scrapbooking!- How to use our kits to stay caught up!

Posted by Susan Labrum on January 14, 2013 0 Comments


People today are involved in more things than ever before.  We spend precious leisure time celebrating a birthday, a holiday such as Christmas, a wedding, a newborn baby, and even a much-anticipated vacation.  Times like these bond families and friends together.  They become the seeds of tradition, our future memories. 


One of the greatest inventions of all time has been the camera.  People love taking pictures of their special events, places they’ve visited, and people they meet.  Photographs are one of the most common ways to capture memories.  Scrapbooking is a creative and safe way to preserve life’s moments for future generations of family and friends.  In addition, scrapbooking doesn’t just preserve the memory of a photo; it preserves handwritten notes, certificates, and awards

Our kits are a fun way to capture, highlight & share your memories. All of our kits come in a resealable bag, so as you take photos you can easily slip your pictures into the sleeve of one of kits until you are ready for a day or night of scrapbooking with friends and family! This is a great way to stay caught up on your photos.

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